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Web Template vs Designer - What is Best For Your Site?

The Solution to Your Website Needs - A Great Template or the Services of a Web Designer?

Download Web Templates

Whilst choosing a perfect website template to project the right image for your business could be a lot quicker & cheaper than hiring the services & skills of a web designer, it may not necessarily be the best way to create your online presence.

Surely with all the website templates available online there must be some that are perfect for my requirements I hear you say.

That is probably true but not all templates are the same in terms of quality or as easy to work with.

In fact some are free (& nasty), some guide you step by step through the process of editing & uploading the template files while others require a certain amount of web design competency to edit & manage.

So assuming you've located a template that meets all your needs, you still need to decide whether using that template is really appropriate for your online business presence as opposed to employing the services of a web designer - your decision could be influenced further by time & cost constraints.

However, if you need a professional online presence generated quickly & cheaply, downloading a website template could more than likely be the best option option for you.

To help you decide, the table below illustrates most of the pros & cons of using a web template vs a web designer.

Website Template or Web Designer?

This is how Downloading a Website Template stacks up against Paying a Web Designer

DescriptionWeb TemplateWeb Designer
Timing Instant - Web templates can be chosen & downloaded to your computer instantly.

Once your template has been downloaded it can be customized (see below) & then uploaded to your server to give you an almost instant online web presence
Can be a long process deciding on a design, graphics & look & feel of the site to get the design started.

You would probably also need to schedule follow up meetings to track progress, make changes and so on.
Affordability Web templates generally provide exceptional value in terms of design, images, suitability, etc.

In other words, downloadable web templates can be exceptionally cost effective for what you get - professional design, imagery and look & feel.
Having a web designer design & develop your website could become quite a costly affair depending on how much needs to be done.

If you have special graphics needs, the graphic design process could also cause costs to escalate.
Customizing Most templates can be customized to your requirements especially in terms of the text & content you need to have on it.

The graphics & images you get with the template can also be changed provided you have an image editor - many templates provide Photoshop files of their graphics which can easily be edited in photoshop.

The Html code as well as the Css files can also be edited to your requirements.

Also changes can be made at any time, so if in a few months you need to change prices or colors you can change the original files accordingly & upload them to make the changes effective.
Having a web designer enables you to have your site customized exactly according to your requirements.

However, if you need changes made once the job has been finished & paid for you may find it cumbersome to have to re-engage with your web designer to implement your changes - this could be an ongoing process.
Originality Some web templates are totally original & one of a kind, however in many cases similar templates are downloaded & find their way onto the net.

This means that your template may not be original although it is fairly uncommon to see 2 websites that are the same.

Furthermore with most templates being customizable you can always customize yours in certain ways to ensure its originality.
Websites designed by web designers should be totally original without the likelihood of any duplicates appearing on the net.

Although it is always possible for some unscrupulous webmasters to copy your öriginal design".

So does your online presence require the coding & graphics expertise of a web designer or will it be just as good & effective with a well designed template?

Well if investing time & money into your website is of no concern, then hiring a web designer is probably the best course of action for you.

However if cost and/or time are considerations, then downloading a suitable template is a great option as you can always customize it to suit your needs and it can be online & live the same day at a fraction of the cost.

If your own website capabilities are limited you could opt to download your favorite template & then employ the services of a web designer to tweak it & make all the necessary changes - cheaper than building the whole site & creating all the graphics from scratch, and quicker.

So there you have it...

To start your quest for a great website, browse & download a suitable template from this huge range of professionally designed web templates here »

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