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How to Design an Effective Website

The Principals of Effective Web Design
Website Design

It is of key importance to take cognizance and to apply these key principals for an effective website design for your new site to inspire trust & as well as the interest of your site visitor.

Therefore prior to starting your site's design, it is wise to make sure that everything is well planned so that the finished article, your site, is well designed and structured to provide a compelling and effective online presence.

To create a website that compels visitors to do what is intended will take much more than just slapping a bit of HTML code & a few images together and uploading the files to the net.

Depending on your website's topic or theme, it will need to successfully present & communicate your ideas clearly & in an interesting manner - it only has a few seconds in which to sell your site visitor.

A badly designed & unprofessional looking site won't do your sales, business or your reputation any good at all.

Whilst there may not be any hard and fast rules for a good design & many web design issues may be subjective, the following tips are what I consider to be essential ingredients that will contribute a professional & effective website.

5 Key Principals for an Effective Website Design

  1. Define a Clear Objective for the Website

    Before doing anything you need to define the main goal of the website.

    Whilst there may be several secondary goals, these should complement the primary objective.

    Defining a main objective for your site not only contributes towards streamlining all the procedures, but also makes it more functional in terms of user experience.

  2. HTML & CSS

    Create a CSS file, which can be named style.css, and use this file for styling your website

    Then create an HTML file, which can be named index.htm or index.html, and use this for the structure of your site - this will also be your site's home page.

  3. Load Time

    It is important for your site to load quickly.

    Even with the advent of broadband there are many sites & web pages that take forever to load.

    If a page hasn't loaded within a few seconds your potential customer could be clicking away from your site forever.

    So ensure that all images are optimized for fast page loading - using a CSS file with well structured HTMLpages (without bloated code) will help with fast loading.

  4. Navigation

    Navigation should be consistent in look & placement across your website.

    So wherever your visitor is on your site, it is easy enough for them to navigate back to the home page or wherever else they want to go on the site.

    If they can't navigate their way around efficiently they could easily become frustrated & click way from your site.

  5. Usability

    Finally it is important to ensure that in addition to your website looking professional & being well structured it must also be usable to be effective.

    Usability in a website means that visitors should not have to struggle & figure out where to go & how to use the site properly.

    A functional & usable web design relies heavily on making processes, for example, clear to your site visitors.

    For instance a site selling widgets should make it easy for the visitor to view, select & pay for the widget online - if this process is unclear or vague you could be losing potential sales with every visitor.

Remember that by designing & publishing a professional looking website may not be enough - it needs to incorporate all of the above key principals for effective web design to accomplish what it is meant to.

PS. - Not everyone has the expertise to design & build their own websites and if this is you, why not browse & download a suitable template from this huge range of professionally designed web templates here

You could have a professional online presence for your business by the end of the day.