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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

So, you want to build your own website, but what about the cost?

Well you would be wasting your time if your website does not grab your site visitor's interest within a few seconds before they click away.

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However, notwithstanding the above, you can in fact establish a professional website at a low cost...

Therefore, whilst many people would like to build & have their own website on the internet, they are often put off by the costs involved as well as all the technical stuff like html & css coding as well as domain names & web hosting.

To solve these problems you could always enlist the services of a web design company to design and host it for you.

This option unfortunately could become a significantly costly venture depending on how big & how technical your website needs to be.

However, in terms of cost effectiveness and depending on your level of enthusiasm for the project you could in fact establish your own online presence fairly cheaply and effectively.

There are basically just 3 steps involved to establishing & building your own website, so lets examine them;

Website Costs: 3 Steps to Building Your Own Website & the Associated Costs
  1. Name It

    Secure and register your preferred domain name - free domain names are included with some packages.

    Go to the following link for more on securing a cheap domain name for your site »

    Generally speaking though, .com domain names are the most expensive & can range from $5.00 to $15.00 (& more) per year, although with some packages like this one from Yahoo you can get a free domain name »

  2. Host It

    You need to get web space for your website on the internet - whilst there are free hosting packages available on the internet they normally do not allow you to use your own domain name which you really need to establish your own identity.

    Free hosting often comes with poor support and other issues - it is therefore better to spend a little on a decent but cheap hosting package.

    To host just one domain, ie one website, you can get really cheap hosting packages like this one for just $4.95 per month that comes with many features including a website builder, 24/7 support, 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, shopping cart, etc.

    So for the sake of a few bucks, rather than opt for a free web host, sign up with a reliable & reputable web host - this from Yahoo costs $8.96 per month (for the first 3 months & $11.95 per month thereafter) which includes a free domain name as well as many other features & benefits.

    or find out more about our recommended hosting package here »

  3. Build It

    Now to the interesting part.

    Don't be put off by the technical stuff like html & css coding as you can get free html editors as well as low cost web builders ($197.00 - including all the software etc. & website templates.

    These aids take care of most of the technical stuff & some of the great looking & well designed website templates that are available can give your site the professional image it deserves.

    Templates and site builders can be found at very cost effective prices.

Build & Host Your Website the Cheap Way

If you really want to build & host your website on the cheap you can do it professionally & easily with these resources;
  • Hosting with a free Domain Name with Yahoo: $8.96 per month
  • Design your website yourself with a free html editor: $0.00
  • or Host your site with Hostgator for $4.95 per month & get a free site builder as well as many other webmaster tools & benefits
Therefore in conclusion, while your website will need to project a professional image, as it will only have a few seconds in which to grab your website visitor's attention, it can be established quickly & easily at a very affordable cost.


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