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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of a Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that your website will be hosted on the web host's server that is also home to many other websites - it's also the most popular & cheapest form of web hosting.

The trade off for getting what could be termed a cheap hosting deal is that your site would nromally be hosted on the hosting company's server together with many other sites - sometimes more than a thousand others.

So if each site or account on the server has its own allocated amount of web space & bandwidth, what makes this a bad thing you might ask?

Well in a nutshell because of the shared hosting environment, anything that goes wrong due to the integrity or other reason of your co-hosted sites, could affect the status of the server to your site's detriment.

So lets examine just 4 things that can go terribly wrong for you with a shared hosting account...

4 Pitfalls of Shared Hosting

Well below are some of the Pitfalls of Shared Hosting
  1. Limitations & Restrictions

    Shared hosting accounts also have restrictions placed on them limitations placed on them with regard to the amount of disk space, data transfers, email addresses and domains that they can have.

    There are also often restrictions related to running scripts and databases that use quite a bit of CPU (processing power).

    This type of server activity causes reduced performance for all sites on the server which is beyond your control.

  2. Stability & Security

    A poorly managed server which hosts one or two exceptionally busy sites could exhaust the server's resources and cause downtime for all sites hosted on the server.

    The same is true if one site on the server is subject to a DOS or cyber attack of some sort - this can impact all sites on the server negatively.

    Therefore any site on a shared server that has its integrity compromised, can pose a serious security breach & risk to all of the sites on that server.

  3. Downtime

    Servers that are loaded with multiple accounts & therefore websites that are constantly draining server resources can become unstable.

    This inevitably means that frequent downtime is often experienced on a shared server.

    Furthermore on badly managed servers if the other sites are running applications that cause frequent crashes downtime & even servers crashing can be become a regular experience - not nice for the innocent webmaster who just needs a 24/7 professional online presence.

  4. Poor Support

    Due to the large number of accounts on a single server often the resources employed to handle support requests is insufficient for the demand.

    The result is that response to service requests is slow or even non existent.

So whilst the above scenarios are enough to put anyone off opting for a shared hosting account it's not all doom and gloom.

Most of the above nasties only occur on poorly managed servers where the hosting companies are short sighted and put profitability above service & customer loyalty.

Therefore contrary to what has been said above, it is in fact quite possible to secure a cheap hosting option on a shared server with a reputable & well managed hosting company.

It is also worth mentioning that expensive web hosting does not necessarily mean that you will get the best of everything - in fact with some cheap shared hosting options you can get fantastic service, support & features.

This is the Minimum That You Should Expect From a Web Hosting Package Should

  • 24/7 Support

    Chat Support, Phone Support, E-mail Support - all non-outsourced at any time with quick response time

  • Free Website Builder

    Not all hosting companies offer this benefit but it is possible to get it even with a cheap hosting package

  • Free Website Templates

    Again not all hosting companies offer free website templates but a great selection can be had even with some cheap hosting package

  • Free Easy Install Scripts

    Some cheap hosting packages provide more than 50 free scripts that can be installed via the control panel easily & quickly.

    Some of the scripts include online shopping carts, image galleries, forum scripts, etc which can be added to your website with a click of your mouse.

So the moral of the story is that whilst a cheap hosting package can be the cause of many problems so can the more expensive packages.

Cheap hosting therefore does not necessarily mean that it is not up with the best in terms of support, features, benefits & value.

So if you come across a really good deal, do some research in terms of the company's track record & profile - it could be the best & cheapest hosting deal you will ever get.

In fact you can get all of the above features, and much more, included in this reputable web host's Shared Hosting package from only $4.95 a month »

Webhosting from Yahoo is also ultra reliable, feature packed as well as very cheap - it also goes without saying that Yahoo's reputation is unquestionable...

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