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Logo Design Tips

So, you need a powerful logo for your website or business?
Logo Design

A powerful & effective logo is essential for inspiring trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product.

Well before starting on the logo design itself, it would be helpful to understand what a logo actually is, what it represents and what it is supposed to achieve.

Not only does a company's logo reflect its commercial brand, image & identity through the use of a particular shape, fonts, color, and images, it should also create recognition, trust & enhance its corporate image.

However for a logo to be effective, the following 5 logo design tips need to be employed when designing your logo.

5 Essential Properties for an Effective Logo Design
  1. The logo must be describable

    Simplicity is best - in other words adopt the KISS method as too may elements in your logo will make it too busy & difficult to remember or describe to someone.
    So do not try & get the whole of your company's sales pitch & mission statement into your logo - just think of Nike's or McDonald's logo.

  2. The logo must be memorable

    following from point 1 above if it can be described easily enough it will be easy to remember.

  3. The logo must be effective without color

    Whilst color may enhance the overall effect of your logo, it should nevertheless be effective in just black & white.

    Color should be left until the end of the process and if it doesn't work without color then no amount of color will rescue it.

  4. The logo must be scalable

    Your logo should be just as effective in any size, even when just a centimeter big.

    For instance imagine your logo on a pen or something equally as small - will it still look as effective?

  5. The logo's visual effect - digitizing the logo

    Once the first 4 points are all present in your logo you will need to ensure that the logo's effectiveness is not lost in the transformation process.

    This step of digitizing your logo is no less important than any of the previous elements in the creation of an effective & powerful logo.

    A good graphics package (eg. Photoshop Elements - Version 7) will assist in transforming the logo concept into a powerful image of your business.

In conclusion, remember that your company's logo is one of the the keys to its potential success and the starting point for branding of any kind.

So if you can put one together that stands out, and creates an original & memorable icon for your business' website you will not only be projecting the correct image but also skyrocketing its positive profile - all with an effective logo design.

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