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Make Money as a Hosting Reseller

Web Hosting Resellers - Build your own successful online enterprise with your own virtual web hosting business.

Reseller Hosting Plans

With all the scams & money making schemes on the net, it is difficult to recognise a legitimate online opportunity when presented with one.

However, apart from all the over hyped online businesses, it is nevertheless entirely possible to make some money with very little time, effort or investment by becoming a web hosting reseller with your own legitimate, virtual web hosting business.

Reseller web hosting is the perfect endeavor for work at home entrepreneurs or to compliment your main business.

You would be amazed at how easy, lucrative, and cheap it is to become established as your very own web hosting company

In fact many resellers are entrepreneurs just like you who started their Web Hosting companies from scratch at home.

While some are already business owners looking for an additional revenue stream, many web hosting resellers only sell web hosting & say that they only wish that they had started sooner.

Well today you can start and you get all the tools & support needed to get up and running in just a few minutes.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

  • Packages - with this reseller plan you will be able to set up your hosting packages, eg. bronze, silver, gold and allocate certain features to each package, eg. disc space, bandwidth etc.

  • Pricing - once you have determined your package specifications you need to decide on the pricing for each package.

  • Branding - Once these 2 tasks have been done you can start selling your packages under your own name - your reseller host's name will not appear anywhere so the hosting will appear to be on your own servers.

  • Profit Margins - the amount you sell each hosting plan for is the amount you keep, ie. the profit margin is 100% (except for factoring in the small monthly hosting fee you pay for your hosting package)

5 Steps to a Profitable Reseller Hosting Business

  1. Select a Viable Reseller Package

    You need to ensure that you sign up with a reputable company that offers at least the following for your web hosting business in terms of a reseller package;

    • Private Name Servers - having your own name servers (eg. & allows you to sell hosting without anyone knowing you are a reseller, ie. your branding & identity is maintained

    • Free Billing System - important feature & software that takes care of billing your clients online

    • Free Templates - thousands of professionally designed templates that can be used by you for your website & offered as a feature to your hosting clients

    • 24x7 Support - chat Support, phone Support, e-mail support

    • Instant Backups - this is not only for your site but also for those of your clients the value of which will only be realised if there is ever a system failure

    • Uptime - 99.9% uptime guarantee

    • Domains - host unlimited domains

    • Email POP3 Accounts - unlimited

    • Auto Responders - your email addresses can be setup so that when they receive mail they will automatically reply back with your pre-designed message

    • Fantastico - enables instant installation of online shopping carts, image galleries, forum scripts, etc

    • Website Statistics - AWStats (Real Time Updates)

    • Shopping Carts - Agora Cart, ZenCart, Cube Cart, osCommerce

    • Site Builders - Soholaunch Pro Edition, Templates Express

    • Money Back Guarantee - 45 Day Refund Period- No Hassle - Full Refund - Same Day

    The above is by no means a fully comprehensive list of all the features & benefits you will get with a this reseller package.

  2. Set Up Your Reseller Account

    Once you have identified a reputable web hosting company you can go ahead and sign up with them for a reseller package.

    The size of package you select will obviously depend on your forecast in terms of your client base, however the smallest one should be sufficient to start off with - it carries all the benefits of the larger ones except when it comes to disc space & bandwidth - it should however, be ample & be able to host many average sized websites.

  3. Create Your Web Packages & Customer Accounts

    Once your sign up is complete you will be given your login details to go to your Web Host Manager (WHM) Control Panel.

    The WHM is where you have total control over your hosting packages & pricing as well as setting up your customer accounts.

    This also where you will not only be able to add accounts but also suspend or delete them.

    Once an account has been created, the account holder will be set up with their very own control panel called cPanel.

    This is where they will go to administer their website where they will be able to manage & create email addresses, change passwords, create mySql databases, access scripts and much more without requiring any help from you.

  4. Set Up a Professional Online Presence

    To promote & advertise your web hosting business & hosting plans you should create & develop your own website.

    Depending on the company you have signed up with you could have access to not only plenty of professionally designed website templates but also to software including site builders, shopping carts, mailing lists, etc.

    With the above tools you can have your own professional hosting presence set up & online in a matter of hours.

  5. Set Up a Billing & Support System

    With our recommended reseller package you get the AWHM AutoPilot billing system that was built specifically for the web hosting industry

    This billing system allows for easy management of your clients, automatic billing, automatic account creation, and much more.

    The billing system costs $19.95 a month, but it is included free on this reseller plan.

    Support - WHM Auto Pilot also includes a built in help desk so that if your clients have any questions or problems they are able to open up a support ticket from within the built in help desk.

In conclusion, setting up a web hosting business from home or an existing business is a viable & legitimate way of generating sustainable monthly income streams - the sooner you start the sooner you will be making money from selling web hosting plans.

Just go to the following link for all the information, features & benefits of these reseller web hosting packages