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Domain Names - How to Secure Your Preferred Domain Name

The Domain Name Dilemma - How to Secure the Right Domain Name...

Domain Names

Whilst most of the words in the dictionary have been taken by 'dotcom' speculators hoping to sell them at a profit in the future, it is still possible to register domain names that are both memorable and appropriate.

Fortunately there are many domain name options and combinations available with various extensions which gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your domain name.

However, it is important to consider the following when choosing your domain name... Start your search here for your preferred domain name and if it has already been registered, you'll be given alternative choices of the actual domain name or the same name with alternative TLD's or domain extensions.

Choosing Your Domain Name TLD

The type of TLD you choose depends on the type of your website business theme
  • .com

    the most popular domain name extensions but also the most difficult to match to your prefrred name

  • .net

    these extensions are normally used with IT or computer technology type companies

  • .org

    the home of the noncommercial community on the Internet

  • .biz

    targeted at business who would like to create a unique web-presence .info names are your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your products, and your ideas.

More Domain Name Issues

Secure a Domain Name

A word of caution...

Once you've gone to all the trouble of searching for & choosing a suitable domain name you want to make sure that you never lose it unwittingly.

It is therefore wise to take cognisance of the following issues when it comes to the management of your domain names.

  • Before you do anything search for and secure as many appropriate domains as possible

  • It is very important to register with a reputable domain registrar as the consequences of losing your domain name after having established a business around it can be disastrous.

  • So remember it is very important to register and manage all your Domain Names with a reputable and affordable domain name registrar here »

Secure Your Preferred Domain

So you should now have a good idea of what is involved in securing an appropriate domain name for your business or private use.

Once you have selected a few all that is left to do, is to actually register them which you can do online right here...

So to register your domain names, all you need to do is go to the following link to start registering your chosen domain names here »


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